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Pandora Premium

Kat Vellos


Project Description

In early 2017 Pandora released Pandora Premium — a music service that could be truly personal, thoughtfully designed to take the work out of managing your world of music. This endeavor leveraged both the Music Genome Project and the massive amount of data that Pandora has from its 81 million listeners' behavior – things like station-adds, thumbs (more than 75 billion), searches, and skips. In Pandora Premium, users get a combination of Pandora radio plus the ability to search and play any track or album, and a set of unique playlist features that build on user preferences.

Role: Contributor

The many feature teams building Pandora Premium were served by a large team of product designers and product managers. I partnered with Pandora's User Research Principal to provide UX design guidance to the many UI designers and product managers working to build and release Premium. 

My contributions varied according to features, and included the following:


Competitive audits
Generative research about user needs and pain points
Evaluative research and usability testing
UX feedback during design reviews

feature areas of contribution

Saving and storing music
Organizing music collections
Creating and editing playlists
Navigation and Filters

Pandora Premium launched in March 2017 and is available in the App Store and the Google Play Store

Here's a sample of post-launch user feedback: