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What do you do?

I make things that are beautiful, easy to use, and that make life more lovely.



"What you've designed is a gem.

You clearly understand how to design in a clear and organized professional way.

You had wonderful insights and did a terrific job in a very short amount of time."

— Limor Elbaz, CEO of Peerlyst


"Kat is an enthusiastic, detail-oriented UX/UI designer who takes an incredibly thoughtful approach in her work - down to the tiniest detail.

I needed help conveying to potential users how to use my app. Her design fleshed out unnecessary areas and streamlined the important ones. Her work is precise and thorough.

I certainly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their design and reach their audience more clearly."

— Brandon Anderson, Founder & CEO of



"Kat excelled at each step of the UX process: creative ideation, thorough user research, navigation, many rounds of wireframe and prototype iterations, clean visual design, and a highly professional and polished final presentation.

Her community organizer background also brought a diverse skill set and helped her to intuitively grasp the value of talking to audiences to really understand their needs in order to achieve the best results."

— Beverly May, Founder of the UX Awards, General Assembly UX instructor and CTO for Castaclip