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Sponsored Listening

Kat Vellos

Project Description

Sponsored Listening is available for advertisers on the free version of Pandora to reach listeners with much more engagement than a typical ad impression. During beta testing alone, over 4 million unique listeners opted to engage with a sponsored listening offer. 

In the sponsored listening experience, listeners are offered either one hour or four hours of uninterrupted music, in exchange for active attention and engagement with a brand.  Active brand attention includes watching a video or engaging with a rich media unit, like a swipeable slide gallery or interactive 360-degree product spotlight. Within the Sponsored Listening session, the advertiser has 100% share of voice, creating an intimate connection between the brand and the listener.

Role: Contributor

I partnered in a UX capacity with other designers who completed the visual designs. At several points during the iterative improvement of the Sponsored Listening experience, I provided UX design and copywriting guidance to help make sure that the user experience remained clear, easy to understand, fun and rewarding for the listener. We also worked closely with the Product Manager and the User Research Principal in the continual evolution of this feature's lifecycle and development.


Usability testing of interactive prototypes
UX/UI feedback about interaction, user reactions and pain points
Copywriting guidance for on-screen and audio messages

Here's a sample of post-launch user feedback: