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Publications & Awards

Award Winner: 2015 UX Awards' Student Honorable Mention, for the app I conceived of and designed for a professional development UX course I did at General Assembly in San Francisco. Full details under Know It All.

Award Winner: Peerlyst Design Hackathon, full details under Portfolio.

Publication: A Farewell to Palms, essay in Open Review Quarterly’s Spring 2014 issue on the topic of echo chambers.

Exhibit: Small Voids. Small Voids is an installation designed to create an intimate and immediate interaction between the public and 100 Seattle artists, of which I was one. By creating an “invisible gallery,” the art is regarded only on aesthetics and concepts, leaving behind the trappings of social structure. Small Voids was exhibited in Seattle, Portland and Oakland in 2012-2013. Covered by City Arts Magazine and Seattle Magazine.

Publication: "Stories of Service 2007." Juried competition of creative projects inspired by National Service projects. Finalist for the Juror’s Choice Award in the Poetry Category.

Publication: "Jane’s Stories III: Women Writing Across Boundaries", 2006.  Poetry and prose anthology. Two poems selected for publication: If and Hair Wraps, Bottle Caps and Seeing Eye Dogs.

Publication: "Stories of Service 2006." Juried competition of creative projects inspired by national service projects. Received Juror’s Choice Award in the Performing Arts Category for Spoken Word Poetry.

Award Winner: Honorable Mention for Editorial Layout from the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies, 2005

Award Winner: Proteus Award for Best Graphic Design Portfolio. Senior Portfolio Review, Flagler College.