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Tiny Wonders

My passion for making things is always growing and changing. My latest obsession — succulent arrangements — combines my love for plants with my love for design. 

Below are two examples that were designed and given as a birthday gift. They incorporate stones and twigs from a piece of land very dear to the recipient. If you'd like to commission an arrangement, drop me a line.

The 4.0 a

Kalanchoe thyrsiflora (Paddle Plant)
Kalanchoe tomentosa (Panda Ear)
Crassula ovata (Jade)
Haworthia fasciata (Zebra Plant)
Ionantha rubra (Airplant)
Slate, white pebble, wood, lichen


The 4.0 b

Ionantha rubra (Airplant)
Echeveria setosa (Firecracker)
Portulacaria afra (Elephant Bush, Baby Jade)
Sedum rubrotinctum (Jelly Beans)
Crassula ovata (Jade)
x Graptosedum (California Sunset)
Mystery cactus
Shale, slate, sand, wood, lichen

Obsidian & Friends

Graptoveria 'Debbie'
Bear paw (Cotyledon Ladismithiensis)
Sedum rubrotinctum (Jelly Beans)

Succulent Shores

Bear paw (Cotyledon Ladismithiensis)
Senecio mandraliscae (Blue Chalk Stick)
Crassula ovata (Jade)
Crassula ovata 'Gollum' (Gollum Jade)