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Side Projects

If you do it right, work is fun. But free time is even more fun. Here's a few of my passion projects and experimental explorations.

Better Than Small Talk
I've been on a mission to encourage the world to have better conversations that result in greater authentic connection and feelings of depth and meaning. I host Better Than Small Talk community gatherings designed to help people break through the wall of small talk and get into real conversation.

Bay Area Black Designers
For more than a decade, I knew less than 5 other black designers. Shit gets lonely. So I founded Bay Area Black Designers to create a community where black designers could find each other, form a network of other friends and colleagues who know what it's like to feel like the only one, and support each other with professional development.  Two years later, we're 200+ strong, and members range in skill level from student to art directors with 20+ years of experience. 

Yes She Can
A celebration of women and girls in STEM

Tiny Wonders
Combining my love of plants with my love of design. So succulent. 

Wasted Opportunity
A photo essay about city living, compost, hunger and climate change

Foodbaby Bay
I wanted to see what it would be like to write a food blog for a year so I chronicled my delicious first year living in the Bay Area.

I made some music to help kids learn their times tables and ended up with a #1 song on XM/Sirius satellite radio. The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) also featured one of the tracks on their website's lesson plan for learning 6 & 7 multiplication. 

Master Gardener
Greenthumb UX. Trained to serve the public as a citizen scientist, certified by Washington State University, 2009.

Vipassana Meditation
10-days of silent meditation. Not for the faint of heart.

The 30-day Challenge
I gave myself a different 30-day challenge every month for two years. Challenges rotated between: Creation, Deprivation, Exertion, Appreciation. Examples: Only giving myself 1 hour of internet per week; write and mail a daily note of gratitude; figure out how to sew silk-lined hats without using a pattern; 100 crunches every day; and doing the Clean elimination detox.

Likes: Rollerskating, hammocks, Socratic questioning, participating in spelling bees, cheese-based snacks, flawless analogies, making stuff, the Oxford comma, and boundaries.

Dislikes: Runny eggs, okra, elitism, musicals,  poor work ethic, moths flying anywhere near me, exhaust pipes, and being forced to breathe other people’s perfume and cologne.